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Shanghai Kedgin Door Industry Co., Ltd is a professional company focus on commercial full-view door, sectional door, high speed-rolling door and steel door. Our tenet is Customers’ needs and expectations are met or exceeded, we supply our customers with high efficiency, perfect solution and all-life service.

Shanghai Kedgin Door Industry Co., Ltd have a professional stuff, with professional installation and service team, we can supply best service in time, and provide Turn-Key solutions, which include installation, debugging and training, you can use the equipment immediately with no worry.


Famous Project

Logistics Center





Monin Foods

Europe&Asia Beverages

Pioneer Electronic

Commercial Exhibition Hall

Porsche Center-SuZhou

Porsche(CHN)- Training Center

Porsche Center-BeiJing

In addition, we also cover dozens of industries including medicine, electronics and cold storage etc.

Please consult our sales engineer for details


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